According to Suga of BTS, V is Referred to as the “epitome of an idol” by Many People in the Industry.

The last BTS member to appear on SUGA’s show was Kim Taehyung, aka V.

Taehyung made a cameo on the 18th episode of “Suchwita (Time to Drink with SUGA)” on September 11.

They discussed a variety of subjects during the program, including Taehyung’s solo debut album, “Layover,” the members’ second chapter activities, and the eagerly awaited group reunion in 2025.

SUGA, a producer who works with many people in the industry, claimed that Taehyung is referred to as the “epitome of an idol” by those around him. He also revealed that ambitious trainees and rookie idols aspire to follow Taehyung, validating his popular moniker as the “Idol of Idols.”

Taehyung’s star power, compelling performances, and outstanding attitude have undoubtedly made him a standout in the K-pop Industry.

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