Aespa’s Winter nearly attacked by man on red carpet at SBS Gayo Daejeon 2023

The SBS Gayo Daejon was held in Korea’s Inspire Arena on December 25. It features a remarkable and eye-catching lineup that includes well-known acts from popular 4th Generation groups to Kpop 2nd Generation legends like TVXQ and SHINee.

As a performing artist, aespa is one of them, and therefore appeared on the SBS Gayo Daejon red carpet. The Aespa members were all looking really beautiful, but the focus was entirely elsewhere.

Specifically, as an aespa’s Winter walked the red carpet, an odd man with a camera hurried to her location, perhaps intending to attack, but was luckily apprehended by security.

But even as he was led outside, the man kept fighting and tried to approach Winter, who was shocked by what was happening.

Many followers have expressed relief and worry that the individual did not achieve his goal as of right now.

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