ATTRAKT Declares Intentions To Continue FIFTY FIFTY With Keena And Three Additional Members

The girl group FIFTY FIFTY is reorganizing under the direction of ATTRAKT.

Announcing their plans to restructure FIFTY FIFTY around Keena, who recently rejoined the agency, ATTRAKT made the announcement on November 2. In order to create a four-person group, we will hire three more people.

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After making their debut in November 2022, FIFTY FIFTY became well-known throughout the world thanks to their song “Cupid.” However, ATTRAKT suspected The Givers were the outside party attempting to “buy out” the group when FIFTY FIFTY filed an application for provisional disposition in June, suspending the terms of their exclusive contracts with ATTRAKT.

The four FIFTY FIFTY members’ requests for the suspension of their contracts were finally denied by the Seoul Central District Court on August 28. FIFTY FIFTY, however, appealed the verdict right away. Keena, one of the members, recently sent a notice of withdrawal of appeal to ATTRAKT over FIFTY FIFTY’s ongoing desire to suspend their contracts.

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