BIG BANG’S G-Dragon was Reportedly Arrested for Drug Usage

According to reports, BIG BANG’s G-Dragon has been arrested by the authorities for a drug-related offense.

According to reports, G-Dragon was arrested by the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency on October 25 for allegedly breaking the Act on the Control of Narcotics, Etc., without being placed under arrest.

“We cannot reveal concrete details because it is a case that is currently under investigation,” the police remarked.

The actor Lee Sun Gyun, who resigned from a drama earlier this week and is currently under investigation for drug use, was not connected to this crime, the police stated. The police claimed that this was an unrelated case with no bearing on Lee.

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It is difficult for YG Entertainment to provide an official reaction because G-Dragon is not currently an artist represented by the agency, the company said that evening in response to a request for comment on the issue.

YG Entertainment had previously disclosed in June that their exclusive deal with G-Dragon had come to an end.

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