Breaking: Lee Sun Gyun Passes Away, Police Confirm

The police report that Lee Sun Gyun is no longer alive.

The Seoul Seongbuk Police Station announced on December 27 that they had discovered an unconscious guy in Waryong Park, Seoul, inside a parked car. Following an emergency call from a woman claiming her husband had fled the house after writing what looked to be a suicide note, they had gone to the location.

“His identity has been confirmed,” the police said later that morning, confirming reports that the individual in question was Lee Sun Gyun.

Lee Sun Gyun’s car is reported to have contained lit charcoal briquettes, which raises the possibility that he committed himself.

Police have been looking into Lee Sun Gyun since October of last year due to allegations of using illegal drugs.

We send Lee Sun Gyun’s family and friends our sincere condolences during this difficult time.

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