BTS Jin Admitted to Crying Alone When his Teammates Commented, “V is More Handsome.”

On September 9th, Jin shared a message to the fan site “Weverse.”It’s been approximately two months since the July 26 release of a photo with trainee Kang Seung Yoon.

“V, fighting!” Jin exclaimed. Fighting, boo! “V, fight!” and “Our Taehyung is quite handsome.” BTS member V left a note, “‘s it’s.””It’s cool, it’s good,” he stated as he left a message for BTS member V.

“The guys in the military said you are more handsome than me,” Jin said. “I was angry, so I told him it was a difference in taste, and I turned around and cried,” he continued.

Jin’s message appears to be in support of V, who has recently released his debut solo album under his own name.

“It’s a difference in taste,” fans say. “Jin is so handsome, witty, and my type,” says the writer. “How adorable Seokjin” (Jin’s real name), “I miss you.” replied his back.

“Anyway, you are my style,” says international fans. “Worldwide Handsome,” “You are very attractive, Jin.”

Meanwhile, BTS Jin enrolled in the military in December of last year and continues to serve.

After joining the military, Jin remained immensely successful in nations such as the United States and Japan, which have one of the largest music markets.

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