BTS RM’s Contribution Sends Unique Joseon Dynasty ceremonial Attire back to Korea.

RM said, “An opportunity to enjoy the traditional culture of Korea”.

The attire was brought to the National Palace Museum of Korea thanks to a generous donation of 100 million (~75,392.65 USD) by RM.

The wedding clothes of Joseon royal women, including princesses and Ongju of Joseon, and military wives who are the wife of the prince, were first shown to the public.The clothes were restored with the support of RM, a member and the leader of the group ‘BTS’.

The National Palace Museum of the Cultural Heritage Administration announced on the 13th that it will hold a special exhibition called “Hwarot 10,000-Joseon Royal Women’s Wedding Clothes” from the 15th to December 13th in the museum’s second-floor special exhibition room.

Hwarot were the only clothes that were allowed to be worn at private weddings beyond the royal family as they were produced using colorful embroidery, the darkest red color, and beautiful gold leaf techniques during the Joseon Dynasty.

The exhibition will reveal three pieces of Korean archery, including Sunjo’s second daughter, who is the only known wearer among the existing archery suits, and Princess Bokon’s archery.Currently, royal robes from the Joseon Dynasty are known as rare cultural assets with only about 50 items left worldwide.The National Palace Museum found that there are currently about 30 domestic museums and 20 overseas museums.

The bow clothes owned by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art were recently preserved by the Overseas Cultural Heritage Foundation with the support of BTS RM last year.It will be unveiled for the first time in Korea before returning to the U.S.

RM said in a written interview at the press conference of the special exhibition “There is cultural heritage abroad that requires preservation and I thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce the excellence of our culture to the world” he stated . He aspires that the restoration of the ceremonial attire will inspire research by providing comparative data and enable people worldwide to appreciate the beauty of traditional Korean Culture.

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