BTS’s Jungkook On His Relationship With Fans, Likes, and Dislikes about himself.

Jungkook for Cover of Dazed UK Magazine

Jungkook, the maknae of the K-pop group BTS, is the first K-pop musician to appear on the cover of Dazed UK magazine.

On September 12, he spoke with Dazed UK about his connection with ARMYs, how he handles fan behavior, and what has piqued fans’ interest. The interview also highlighted one aspect of Jungkook’s personality that he disliked about himself and how he dealt with it.

Jungkook routinely interacts with ARMYs on livestreams, thanks them for their support, and even gets their name tattooed on his knuckles.
Jungkook during Weverse live

However, BTS audiences have recently become aware of the problem of certain followers violating their privacy. Because of these privacy violations, the armies fear that Jungkook may lose the respect of his followers. However, the singer saw his relationship with them from a different perspective.

When fans tell Jungkook not to stay up late or drink excessively, he said he doesn’t “mind at all” since he recognizes that their counsel is motivated by genuine love and concern for him.

He described his interactions with fans as straightforward and open to sincerity on both sides. Therefore, if someone invades his privacy, he can strongly request them to respect his privacy. Jungkook appreciates his fans’ suggestions.

Jungkook for Cover of Dazed UK Magazine

Jungkook’s talent and artistic development have been seen by fans over time. He shared his personal experiences and the difficulties he faced, but behind the scenes was the polished performances and captivating personality.

BTS had time to think about their hectic schedules during the pandemic break. It was a time to face personal concerns for Jungkook, who had been travelling since 2014. He used to despise this trait about himself: he thought he was “lazy” and believed that it prevented him from being competitive and accomplishing his goals.

He made the decision to follow a road of acceptance and understanding rather than always blaming himself or seeking to completely change this component of his personality.

In adopting his genuine self and emphasizing his strengths, Jungkook changed his outlook. He said it’s acceptable to go at your own pace, put self-care first, and take a break when necessary, even if it means relaxing in bed or watching too much of your favorite TV program.

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