BTS’s V Suffered a Disaster in Tokyo, Japan!!

On August 24th, V, a global ambassador for the French luxury brand Celine, visited the site on August 23rd to celebrate the renewal of Celine’s Omotesando store in Tokyo. A crowd of Japanese fans gathered, eager to catch a glimpse of V and capture the moment on their phones. One fan managed to get so close that she could almost touch V’s head with her outstretched hand. Another fan who witnessed the incident recorded a video and quickly shared it on social media.

This marked V’s first visit to Tokyo in four years. As seen in the video that was posted online, local fans enthusiastically cheered for V using his nickname, “TaeTae.” In response to their excitement, V reciprocated the enthusiasm by giving out high fives.

However, just as V was about to leave in a car after his scheduled appearance, a fan with an unusually long reach managed to grab onto V’s hair. Despite the presence of several staff members on the scene, they were unable to prevent this from happening.

Japanese Internet users condemned this behavior, stating, “Respecting artists should be a given if you’re a fan,” “This crosses the line,” and “I’m concerned that someone might get hurt from this.” There was a general sense of worry that if such actions continue, there might be a decline in international stars willing to visit Japan.

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