BTS’s V’s Crazy Stalker Arrested by Police

A Twenty-year-old or something lady (henceforth named “A”) trailed V into his apartment building’s elevator and made an attempt to talk to him. A KBS report claims that she also gave him a marriage license on October 26

It is reported that “A” waited for V outside his apartment building and then followed him inside when he pulled into the complex’s parking lot.

The police discovered “A” using the details on the marriage certificate she supplied V, and the next morning it was reported that they had detained her. Additionally, it is claimed that “A” has a history of stalking V.

When “A” was located using the details on the marriage certificate she gave V, the police were reportedly notified that she had been arrested the next morning. According to reports, “A” has also previously stalked V.

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Later on that morning, BIGHIT MUSIC said in a formal statement, “We are responding with a zero-tolerance policy to stalking crimes that cause disruption to our artists’ personal lives and endanger their safety.”

V has already responded to the news on Weverse, writing, “I’m all good~~ Don’t worry,” along with a photo of himself gazing at the setting sun.

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