Dawn talks candidly about his breakup from HyunA

In an appearance as a guest on 1theK’s YouTube segment “Look Me Up” on April 14, DAWN looked up information about himself on social media and in other online forums in order to address reports and remarks.

The part of his Facebook page that detailed his breakup with HyunA was discovered by DAWN after he revealed how Jay Park had connected him to his current agency, AT AREA. As for us, we support each other regardless of the decisions we made at the time since we are perhaps the individuals in this world that understand each other the best. Now, it remains unchanged.

DAWN clarified that he clicked “like” on HyunA’s first breakup post as a gesture of support. “At that point, I really respected her decision and supported her,” he remarked.

DAWN declared he would file a lawsuit against individuals distributing misleading information about HyunA after the split post. Even though they are no longer together, DAWN said, “I think I would do the same if that kind of situation happened now.” He also revealed why he was so furious when the incident first happened.

“If you give a ring, you get married” is a common sense and obvious statement, but to be honest, I lack common sense, Dawn remarked, laughing.

DAWN clarified that he didn’t dispute articles announcing their engagement because, at the time, he believed they would get married later and thought it would be humorous to explain differently, even though the couple didn’t have any formal arrangements to tie the knot.

The couple didn’t have formal plans to tie the knot, but DAWN clarified that he didn’t dispute stories claiming they were engaged since, at the time, he believed they would eventually tie the knot and thought it would be humorous to dispute that.

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The couple also quickly became the subject of rumors that they had reconciled after their breakup, but these rumors were never confirmed or refuted. DAWN explained why she felt this way: “To be honest, I’m currently feeling tired of public opinions. I think even just saying ‘It’s true, it’s false’ is funny. What’s most important is that I wish HyunA and I were not viewed by our relationship. Whether we’re together right now or not, we love, know, and understand each other the most. Anyway, it’s true that we’re on each other’s sides and will be in the future too.” Later, DAWN discovered a YouTube video that purportedly showed HyunA had given him an apartment worth 2 billion won (roughly $1,531,200).2

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