Elvish Yadav Wins Big Boss OTT2, But Abhishek’s Not Too Thrilled

Big Boss OTT2 just revealed the winner, and guess what? Elvish Yadav takes the crown! The audience voted in the last 15 mins of the finale, and everyone’s like super happy except for Fukra Insaan aka Abhishek Malhan. His face looks kinda , you know?

Remember that chat between Pooja Bhatt and Bebika Dhurve? They were like, “If Abhishek wins, Elvish will be lit, but if Elvish wins, Abhishek won’t be all that lit.” Makes sense, right? Abhishek’s been there from day one, while Elvish pulled a wild card entry. But hey, audience’s call rules!

And Elvish Yadav? Dude’s totally shook he won the whole thing! He’s got a solid fan crew, for real!

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