Exo D.O. fined for indoor smoking K-Netizen, who reported him, claimed.

EXO shared a video on their official YouTube page last month for their “Cream Soda” promotions, which revealed what the members were doing backstage at MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’. D.O. was fined up to 100,000 won ($75 USD) when netizens and fans observed him smoking an electronic cigarette in the waiting room.

“I reported D.O. Kyungsoo for smoking indoors back in August,” a netizen stated, citing a statement from the Mapo-gu Public Health Center. According to the health center, D.O. was punished under the National Health Promotion Act since he was unable to verify the electronic cigarette was nicotine-free.

According to the Mapo-gu Public Health Center, smoking is against the law within broadcast business buildings. Although he and his label stated that he was using an e-cigarette without nicotine, they were unable to give proof of this in the product’s description or instructions. So, a penalty was levied. The involved person has promised to uphold the law as a public figure going forward.

The solo album “Expectation” by D.O. is scheduled to be released on September 18 KST.

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