Fifty-Fifty, Agency Failed to Adjust…Will the Trial be Prolonged?

The dispute between the new K-pop girl group “FIFTY FIFTY” is expected to continue, which cracked the British-American single chart but temporarily suspended its activities due to internal strife.

According to PFT’s agency Attrakt on the 16th, the mediation failed as the four members of PFT said they had no intention of coordinating with the attrakt to the court. He confirmed again that he had no intention of returning to the attraction.

Earlier on the 9th, the Seoul Central District Court’s Civil Agreement Department 50 (Senior Chief Judge Park Bum-Seok) held an adjustment date for an injunction to suspend the validity of the exclusive contract filed against the agency Attrakt, but ended without reaching a conclusion.Mediation is a process carried out by the court to reach an agreement between the parties prior to the ruling.

However, the court recommended that the two sides discuss mediation through additional communication.The parties accepted this and have discussed additional adjustments until this day.However, as Fifty Fifty members have finally confirmed that they have no intention of mediation, the court’s forced mediation or the trial is expected to begin in earnest.

Previously, Fifty PT, which consists of all four Korean members, Kina (20, main rapper), Saena (19, random and main dancer), Shio (18, main vocalist), and Aran (18, lead vocalist), is known as a “miracle of small and medium-sized idols (idols belonging to small and medium-sized agencies).”With its first EP “THE FIFTY” on November 18 last year, it entered the 100th place on the U.S. Billboard main single chart “Hot 100” on April 1 this year, about four months after its debut.It became the fastest K-pop group to enter the chart since its debut.However, on June 19, the four members filed an application for a temporary disposition to suspend the effectiveness of the exclusive contract against Attract through a legal representative to the Seoul Central District Court.

Even in the midst of the conflict, Cupid has been a long-term success. It ranked 25th on the U.S. Billboard’s main single chart “Hot 100” on the 19th.It has been on the chart for 21 consecutive weeks, reversing 16 places from last week. On the 18th, a new version featuring American singer and actor Sabrina Carpenter will be released.

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