G-Dragon and Lee Sun-Kyun Can’t Travel from South Korea Due to a Drug Investigation Case.

The Ministry of Justice authorized the travel bans on the two, as the narcotics crime investigation team of the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency revealed on October 27.

In order to determine the kind and duration of medications purportedly used, G-Dragon and Lee Sun Kyun are also expected to submit to drug testing in the future.

According to reports, they have been accused of smoking marijuana and other psychoactive substances illegally.

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If you are entangled in a criminal investigation or a business dispute, South Korean authorities have the authority to seize your passport or prevent you from leaving.

G-Dragon’s lawyer issued a press statement two days after the scandal erupted, stating, “We would like to convey G-Dragon’s position as follows in response to news that has been indiscriminately spreading in the media recently, which is not based on facts.” G-Dragon introduced himself as Kwon Ji Yong. To begin with, I have never taken drugs. Moreover, let me make it clear that I have nothing to do with the current press stories on “violation of drug control laws.” Nonetheless, I will assiduously cooperate with the investigating agencies and abide by the probe because I am aware that many people are worried.”

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