JYP Entertainment’s Head Park Jin-Young Will Join Hands with KBS to Create a Legendary Female Vocal Group

JYP” Park Jinyoung will make “Legendary Vocal Group” with KBS. As a result of E-Daily’s coverage on the 21st, Park Jin-Young confirmed his appearance on KBS’s new entertainment program, which is scheduled to start broadcasting in the second half of this year. Park Jin-Young’s new program is known to be a format that includes the process of forming a project vocal group composed of legendary female vocalists in the music industry.

Park Jin-young has led JYP Entertainment and created several popular girl groups such as Wonder Girls, Miss A, TWICE, ITZY, and N-Mix. In addition, the true value of “Producer Park Jin-Young” was widely announced through the SBS “K-pop Star” series, Mnet “Sixteen” starring its trainees, and SBS “Loud.”

Park Jin-Young captured the hearts of local viewers with his honest and warm evaluation presented through the audition broadcast of the “Nizi Project” when he selected NiziU members in Japan. This is why expectations are high for Park Jin-Young’s performance in KBS’s new entertainment program.

This time, it is more unique because it is a meeting with legendary female vocalists who shook the K-pop world, not trainees who dream of becoming K-pop idols. Attention is focusing on what kind of chemistry Park Jin-Young will show with the cast and show synergy.

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