Kim Woo Bin Pays Tributes to Late Fan and Attend the Funeral.

On August 26th, Actor Kim Woo Bin posted a photo from an airplane window. Accompanying the photo, the actor shared a thoughtful message dedicated to his fans, Ji Won, who recently passed away

Actor Kim Woo-bin posted on his personal SNS, “Jiwon, who was always cheerful and bright. I went to bid my farewell to you, and now. I finally understand how far and long the trip must have been each time you came to see me for all those years…And whenever I’m reminded of your face, with a big smile and Asking how I’ve been, my heart breaks all over again. I don’t think this is goodbye forever, Ji Won. Whenever you are, I wish you the happiest and healthiest days.

I hope you get to laugh every day until we meet again. And when we do, let’s take a lot of pictures together and talk about anything and everything. I’ll keep you in my thoughts when I work on the shows that you’ve been looking forward to.

You have given me strength to go on, so please keep looking over me. I’m greatful again and again that I had a fan like you, supporting what I do. I promise we’ll meet again someday.”

The actor’s heart touching post caught the attention of other fans and Ji Wons family, who had messages of their own for Kim Woo Bin.

Ji Won’s younger sister, Ji Su, shared her own gratitude, revealing that Kim Woo Bin had not only attended the funeral but sent Ji Won flowers as well.

The message from Ji Won’s mom and dad so revealed that Kim Woo bin provided the family with condolence money.

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