NCT 127 Announce the Postponement Of Winter Single Album “Be There For Me”

The physical release of NCT 127’s next winter single album “Be There For Me” has been pushed back by one day.

On December 8, SM Entertainment officially confirmed that NCT 127’s winter special single “Be There for Me,” which was initially slated to be released on December 26, will now be released one day later—on December 27.

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The full statement from SM Entertainment is as follows:


We are informing you of a change in the physical release date of NCT 127’s winter special single album “Be There For Me.”

Due to production issues, the physical album release date, which was originally announced as December 26, has been postponed to December 27.

We apologize for inconveniencing the fans who have been waiting for the physical release of the winter special single album “Be There For Me.”

Starting from December 27, we will release the [physical album] right away and make it so that you can find the album at offline stores.

We ask for fans’ generous understanding.

Thank you.

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