RIIZE Announces a Name Change for Official Fanclub.

RIIZE changed the name of its fan club two days after releasing their previous announcement.

On September 6, SM Entertainment announced that RIIZE would be changing the name of their Fanclub from SUNZ to BRIIZE. The group names RIIZE and SUNZ combined sound close to “rising sun,” which is a contentious banner flown by Japan during its colonialism era. This is why the prior fanclub name was changed after receiving conflicting views. Because of its association with Japanese militarism and imperialism, the flag is seen negatively in some countries of Asia, notably China and Korea.

In response to the overwhelming love of its followers, RIIZE announced the name that would be used of their official fan club following their official launch on September 4 (Mon). The fan club SUNZ, which received the most support from the public, was introduced.

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