Rose from Blackpink was Photographed Leaving a Recording Studio in NYC with Taylor Swift.

On an online forum, followers were buzzing with excitement as they related sightings of Blackpink’s Rose entering a recording studio minutes before Taylor Swift.

Many people are aware that Taylor Swift has been working diligently on her new album, and they also noticed that several other well-known artists, like Hayley Williams, Sabrina Carpenter, Cara Delevigne, Gracia Abrams, Sadie Sink, Jack Antonoff, and Margaret Qualley, were spotted leaving the same studio.

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Swift hosted a party at Electric Lady Studios on September 9, according to headlines that were recreated in regional media. The fact that Rose and the previously mentioned star-studded lineup were observed leaving one after another sparked curiosity among fans.

After being spotted leaving the same recording studio in New York, fans are wondering if Taylor Swift and Blackpink’s Rose will be working together.

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