SM Entertainment Allegedly Pushed Plastic Surgery on Kpop Idol.

In a recent episode of the hit variety show “Dolsing Fourmen,” Kyuhyun, a member of Super Junior, made startling revelations about his previous interactions with SM Entertainment. When he first opened up about his intentions for marriage, he said that he hoped to find a spouse before turning 40. The discussion, however, took an unexpected turn when he talked about his time in high school and a considerable change in his appearance.

Then Kyuhyun confessed that he didn’t have double eyelids in high school, which explained his unique appearance. He then made a shocking claim, claiming that SM Entertainment had forced him to get cosmetic surgery.

You might not believe me, but I didn’t have double eyelids back then, he said. The label pushed me to have them once I made my debut.

Kyuhyun also expressed his annoyance at being called a “cosmetic monster” by online users as a result of this cosmetic treatment. He complained that his double eyelids would occasionally fall out, drawing criticism.

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Despite having several ordinary images from his background, he noted that people tended to only pay attention to one particular photo from his high school days, maintaining a certain narrative about his appearance.

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