TikTok Sensation Khaby Lame Ventures into Hollywood with Spy Comedy Debut

In an exciting turn of events, Khaby Lame, TikTok’s most-followed content creator, is stepping into the world of Hollywood with his debut feature film, a spy comedy titled “00Khaby.” Let’s delve into the details of this thrilling venture that promises to take Lame from the delivery lanes to the international spy scene.

Khaby’s Hollywood Debut


Khaby Lame, a 23-year-old Senegalese-born Italian, gained fame on TikTok with his absurdly comic skits after being laid off from his factory job in March 2020. His unique style, relying on facial expressions and universal humor, catapulted him to stardom with an impressive 162 million followers.

Acting Dreams Unveiled:

Expressing his lifelong dream of acting, Lame shared, “Acting has always been my dream, but I don’t want to improvise.” He emphasized his commitment to deepening his acting and English skills for his role in “00Khaby.”

The Spy Comedy – “00Khaby”

Plot Synopsis:

“00Khaby” follows the escapades of a JustEat rider, played by Lame, who is recruited by the CIA as bait to mislead enemy secret services. Set in Italy, the U.S., Monte Carlo, Dubai, and France’s Côte d’Azur, the spy spoof promises a blend of action, comedy, and romance. Lame’s character, a clumsy secret agent, navigates arms traffickers, steals DNA samples, and juggles a jealous Italian Chinese girlfriend and her pesky brother, all while averting World War III.

Production Details:

The screenplay is crafted by Italian writers Nicola Guaglianone and Roberto Marchionni (aka Menotti), known for their work on the offbeat Italian superhero movie “They Call Me Jeeg.” Marco Belardi, the producer behind Italy’s hit concept dramedy “Perfect Strangers,” is steering the international production of “00Khaby.”

Khaby’s Hollywood Connections

Hollywood Star Mentor:

Lame’s Hollywood journey includes a meeting with a respected Hollywood star next month in Los Angeles, believed to be none other than Will Smith. Sources hint at a possible cameo for Lame in an upcoming film by the iconic actor.

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Physical Training and Global Presence:

In preparation for his role, Lame is undergoing intense physical training, expressing his reluctance to be replaced by a stuntman in action scenes. Meanwhile, he’s set to attend the Grammy Awards on Feb. 4 and make a visible presence at the Super Bowl on Feb. 12 as part of a strategic marketing campaign.


Q1: When did Khaby Lame launch his TikTok channel?
A1: Khaby Lame launched his TikTok channel in March 2020 after being laid off from his factory job.

Q2: What is the plot of “00Khaby”?
A2: “00Khaby” is a spy comedy where Lame plays a JustEat rider recruited by the CIA to mislead enemy secret services, navigating through international locations.

Q3: Who is the producer of “00Khaby”?
A3: The producer of “00Khaby” is Marco Belardi, known for his work on Italy’s hit concept dramedy “Perfect Strangers.”

Khaby Lame’s foray into Hollywood with “00Khaby” marks a significant milestone in his career. From TikTok’s comedy sketches to international spy comedy, Lame is set to captivate audiences worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates as this charismatic influencer-turned-actor takes on the big screen!

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