TWICE Member Jihyo’s Solo Debut Album ‘Shows Who I am’

TWICE leader Jihyo made a debut as a solo artist Friday, eight years after she debuted as a member of the popular K-pop girl group.

She dropped her first individual album, “Zone,” at 1 p.m. to become the second TWICE member to go solo after Nayeon.

“I was excited when I heard the idea of releasing a solo album at first. I also had a lot of concerns about how people would accept me not as a member of TWICE, but as a solo artist,” the vocalist said during a press conference held at a Seoul hotel a few hours before the album’s release.

She said she wanted to show the public who she is as an artist through the album, without any pretense.

Source/Ig @twicetagram

The outcome is a seven-track EP encompassing a range of musical genres. It features low-pitched songs, a partly singing-rap track, and also includes R&B and Latin genre pieces.

The lead track, “Killin’ Me Good,” highlights Jihyo’s own rich and powerful voice and groovy sounds.

The singer believes she was fortunate to make her debut as a soloist at this point in her career.

“I came to know myself better in the process of working (with TWICE),” she said. “I was fortunate to be able to prepare for the album knowing my strengths and when I look good.”

She thinks the album’s quality is satisfactory even though it has yet to receive public evaluation.

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