Yoonjo, a member of Unit.T, announces her marriage to an Actor Kim Dong Ho and shares wedding photographs.

On September 11, Former Hello Venus and Unit-T member Yoonjo publicly revealed on Instagram that she would wed actor Kim Dong Ho later this fall.

Yoonjo and Kim Dong Ho also wrote handwritten letters in which they shared the good news, in addition to sharing some gorgeous photographs from their wedding session.

Yoonjo’s letter
“Hello, this is Yoonjo. It’s been a while since I have greeted you all in person which makes me sad. Today I am here to tell you something and so I am writing this letter with my hands. It is no different for me, I found a person whom I wish to spend the rest of my life with, and we have decided to get married before the cold winter begins. He always stood by my side reliably, when I was very anxious and uneasy and became a big strength to me. We wish to walk together in the way to a happy and healthy life, putting each other first and giving love to each other as we have always done. There would be many people who would be startled by this sudden news, however, if you support and cheer on us and send your blessings on our first step together, it would be a big strength to us.

Kim Dong Ho’s letter
“Hello everyone, is everyone doing well? Nothing different for me, today I wanted to share something personal with all of you directly which is why I am writing this letter. Most of you already guessed it, right? I formed a relationship with someone who I wish would be my companion for the rest of my life. We will be getting married in November this year. I feel a bit bittersweet to have shared my marriage news with fans who have been with me for half of my life. I’m beginning the second act of my life through a warm fenced place called home. To all the people who have loved me for who I am despite my shortcomings, giving me their unwavering support, I would like to express my deepest gratitude. I will try to be a more wonderful and mature actor in the future to repay your love. I wish you good health and happiness always. Thank you”.

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